ANCIENT “TOWER” OF BABYLON was a Political rallying object designed to unite the entire ancient world under ONE Ruler whose ultimate Plan was to scale the limits of the atmosphere and challenge the Throne of God

MODERN “ TOWER” UNITED NATIONS is a Political rallying object designed to unite the entire current world under ONE Ruler whose ultimate Plan is to scale the limits of Iniquity and challenge the Throne of God

ANCIENT BABYLON UNDER NIMROD was composed of many nations confined to one continent only, which possessed a system of Political Synarchy ( Joint Rule) shared between the Emperor Nimrod and the Priestly Pontiff head representing ALL the pagan unified religious impulses of the day under a single World Religion ( later called Zoroastrianism
MODERN REVIVED BABYLON ( EUROPEAN UNION) is composed of many nations confined to one continent only, which is FORMALLY, via Brussels, seeking to impose Political Synarchy ( Joint Rule) shared between a future Emperor ( as in the days of the pagan Roman Emperors, as well as Napoleon and Hitler) and a future Priestly Roman Pope/ Pontiff head representing ALL the unified religious impulses of the day via the World Council of Churches after the intentional destruction of the Roman Catholic Church by fire in ” one day” and the dissolution of her ” daughter churches” and the redistribution of her assets by the various allied Islamic, Gothic and doctrinally ” Arian” nations and religious sects ( The heretical Bishop Arius, nearly 17 centuries ago, held blasphemously that Jesus Christ was not God Incarnate but a mere prophet and man, and denied the doctrine of the Godhead- Trinity of the Father, Son ( The Word) and Holy Spirit)

ANCIENT “TOWER” OF BABYLON failed in its goals and was destroyed by a mighty wind/ hurricane, and the Geopolitical borders were subsequently divided amongst warring Nation States

MODERN UNITED NATIONS has failed in its goals and there are world-wide calls for its dismemberment and a return to sovereign Nation States and new Geopolitical borders

ANCIENT “ TOWER” OF BABYLON was a tool for world unification through an incredible Socialist propaganda machine

MODERN UNITED NATIONS is a tool for world unification through an incredible Socialist propaganda machine

ANCIENT BABYLON LEADER ( NIMROD), was a merciless Tyrant who ruled with an “ Iron Rod”, descended from a land now ruled by Islam, and claimed the gift of prophecy

MODERN REVIVED BABYLON (EUROPEAN UNION) is calling for a world-Tyrant who will be based from Europe, and will reinstate the Iron Rule of the pagan Emperor Augustus, and will probably be of ideological descent from Islam

ANCIENT BABYLON was composed of a UNITY of DIVERSE Nations


ANCIENT BABYLONIAN RELIGION was represented as an eclectic entity by a WOMAN PROSTITUTE in the form of a STORK ( the symbol in ancient times for COMMERCE) and religion, particularly of the Sybilline and Delphic oracular type, which tended to ” prostitute” its tenets, and derive gain from, political and military and philosophical syncretism

MODERN EUROPEAN RELIGION, particularly Gothic Montanist Roman Catholicism and her ideological and denominational offspring ( daughters) is described as an ecumenical WOMAN PROSTITUTE in the Apocalypse/ Book of Revelation, who is the patron of the “ merchants of the earth”

ANCIENT BABYLON AFTER its destruction and dissolution gave rise to Feudalism and City States/ Caliphates

MODERN REVIVED BABYLON ( European Union) was once composed of City States and Feudalism, and may once again in the very near future, under Islamic control, be reduced to Feudalistic Caliphates, similar to Cordova in Spain



WHORE OF BABYLON= The GOTHIC MONTANIST ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and her denominational ” DAUGHTERS” such as the Charismatic/ Pentecostal and Ecumenical Movements

NEW WORLD BABYLONIAN RELIGION= Druze/ Ismaili/ Islamic Zoroastrianism

NEW WORLD LEADER ( similar to the ancient Babylonian ” hunter of men”: NIMROD/ Zoroaster, The First ” PHILOSOPHER-KING” and reviver of Cainite FREEMASONRY and the Ophitic Shamanistic religion of the fratricide CAIN. Nimrod’s lineage mixed with Royal Hamitic/ Caananite/ Phoenician/ Tyrian descendants intermarried with the lineage of Hiram Abiff – the renowned Hermes Trismegistos, the ” counterfeit Logos of Plato” infamy, whose mother was genetically descended from the Israelite tribe of DAN in the region of Naphtali, and whose descendants resided and still reside in the foothills of Mount Hermon in Lebanon at the source of the Jordan, and currently are represented by the DRUZE race, whose THEOSOPHICAL MASONRY and religion ( into which the retreating Crusader Knights of the middle ages, particularly the Knights Templars, were initiated and converted) is DRUZE ISMAILI ISLAM)= THE COMING ANTICHRIST: genealogically from the Israelite Tribe of Dan, but of Ismaili/ Islamic Faith and practice. Druze Islamic Ismaili Zoroastrianism, Sharia Law and Capital Punishment/ Eugenics of Christians by DECAPITATION some 3.5 literal years BEFORE the Antichrist proclaims himself as God and seats himself in the Holy of Holies of the soon-to-be-rebuilt Jewish Temple in Jerusalem on the present site of the Dome of the Rock, and BEFORE the final 3.5 years of God’s WRATH to be poured out on the Earth, and BEFORE their Translation/ Rapture to meet the Lord Jesus Christ ” In The Air”, will be universally introduced by this lineal descendant of Hiram Abiff ( Hermes Trismegistos), anciently revered by paganism as Mercury/ Wodan/ Odin/ Hermes/ Hiram/ Huram- the knower of ” Dark Sentences” and the author of the ” Black/ Hermetic Arts”

NEW WORLD FALSE PROPHET/ PONTIFEX MAXIMUS= The FINAL MONTANIST Roman Catholic Pontiff who will turn his back on Roman Catholicism, assist in its destruction and dismemberment and redistribution of assets, and will assume the mantle of ” WORLD PROPHET” under the auspices of the World Council of Churches and the Ecumenical Movement, and will anoint the Final European Druze Emperor from the Tribe of Dan, causing the ” whole ancient ROMAN WORLD to blasphemously worship him as God Incarnate”, and finally ushering in the final great persecution and holocaust of Christ Jesus’ true and Faithful followers/ martyrs, and turning the entire known WORLD against the nation of Israel and the returning Jesus, their true and only Saviour and Messiah, in preparation for the final great Battle of Armageddon in the Valley of Megiddo in the land of Israel.

The Destruction of All of the above will only occur upon Jesus Christ’s literal return to destroy all the Nations of the Earth who have gathered and allied themselves against the Nation of Israel in the Valley of Megiddo. Shortly thereafter when Jesus’ feet touch upon the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, at the very spot from which He Ascended into Heaven after His resurrection from the dead almost 2000 years ago, the surviving remnant of the Nation of the Jews shall see the nail imprints of His crucifixion in His hands and repent en masse, wailing for their historical rejection of Him. For this reason Holy Scripture unequivocally states that ” ALL Israel shall be saved” at His ” APPEARING” and Return, and until such a time all who mistreat the Nation of Israel do despite to the ” Apple of God’s Eye”, and shall be judged and destroyed by Jesus upon His Return to save ” ALL ISRAEL”… Only then shall the great Christian Prayer of ” Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done in Earth as it is in Heaven”, be fulfilled and the literal promises to the Jews be established by Emmanuel ( God- With-Us)/ Jesus Christ, for a literal 1000 years of Peace and Paradise Restored.

MARANATHA…… ” Come Lord Jesus”……