image of ancient cross


1) The basis for any genuine return to Christian Communal living ought to embrace the following founding principles:

a) Christian Communal Living ought to be able to protect, promote, and perpetuate the right of every believing Christian to an earthly spiritual pilgrimage, sacramental holiness, and a daily walk of righteousness worthy of that intended by Almighty God, as taught and practiced by Christ, His Apostles, and their earliest disciples, and as intended by the Word of God when rightly divided, and to express that daily walk both individually as well as collectively. By living a “ righteous life” we must reject mere historical movements that mimick godliness , such as “ quietism”, “ pietism”, “ enforced ascetic discipline”, “ theurgy and theosis”, “ familism”, “ anabaptism”, “ shakerism”, “ vegetarianism”, “ new ageism”, “ spiritualism” etc.etc.etc.;

b) Christian Communal Living ought to seek an accord with Almighty God’s intent in pure and undefiled nature as originally created before the fall of man and angel, and before the cursing of the earth and physical nature, as opposed to the dictates of fallen nature which is under the curse of sin and original sin ( the sin which “ works in our members” and which if we deny exists, demonstrates that “ the truth is not in us”), entropy ( decay) and death;

c) Christian Communal Living ought to consider the interests of the individual as well as the collective as of equal merit, so as not to surrender individuality for the sole benefit of the collective, nor to surrender the collective for the sole benefit of the individual. The “ golden rule” ingrained in every believing heart, of “ doing unto others as we would have others do unto us” remains true for the individual as well as the collective, and acts as a corrective and palliative for both self-seeking exaltation of the individual as well as the undue exaltation of the collective;

d) Christian Communal Living ought to function according to the AUTHORITY Almighty God has ingrained in pure and undefiled nature, as well as in society; particularly the Church.. This principle of authority is undeniably patriarchal in nature and vertical in order. In society it is represented by the patriarchal family unit patterned after undefiled nature, with vertical ordering in the married family unit of the man as the head and the woman as the body, whereas in the Church it is represented by the patriarchal theocratic unit patterned after the angelic realm, with Christ as the Word of God our head with at least TWO or THREE burden-bearing Bishops ( there must be at least two or three Bishops to ordain Presbyters/Priests) heading the body; the Church, under whom in vertical fashion is the ordained Priesthood/Presbytery/Elders, and after whom are the order of several Deacons; male deacons to head the general diaconate, and female deaconesses to administer to the needs of chastity in female baptism and the instruction of young girls in righteousness ( female peer administration only). Following these are the liturgical singers, the order of the widows, and the order of the “ virgins”; both male monks and female nuns;

e) Christian Communal Living ought to inevitably be both patriarchal and theocratic, but it cannot be democratic nor imperialistic or a totalitarian dictatorship by one individual.. Christians are all called upon to lead a priestly life and one of righteousness and holiness SPIRITUALLY ( in imitation of the Levitical priesthood), but in the PHYSICAL ordering of family, society and church, this priestly spirituality must be subject to the order and authority of patriarchy and, in the Church, to patriarchal ordination and Episcopal succession according to the Apostolic authority Christ has bequeathed to His loyal and Faithful Clergy;

f) Christian Communal Living ought to recognize that, though composed of fully repentant sinners redeemed by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, it is a congregation and community of SAINTS and NOT “ poor and miserable practicing sinners” who, though still subject to the impulses and workings of original sin in their members, are no longer subjects of the dictates of that sin, but are overcomers by the assistance of the Holy Ghost’s presence within them, and are a community of the “ called out” ( Ecclesia) who seek to do the will of Almighty God personally as well as collectively, and who hunger and thirst for a life of righteousness and holiness in this life ( without which Holiness “ no man shall see God”), as well as the life to come;

g) Christian Communal Living ought to be energized by FAITH in the Holy Almighty Trinity/ Godhead of Father, Son ( the Word), and Holy Ghost ( without which Faith it is impossible to please God); by HOPE in the Return of Jesus Christ ( God the Son/ the Word of God) and the resurrection of the flesh and the life to come; by CHARITY toward Almighty God firstly, and one’s neighbour as oneself secondly;

h) Christian Communal Living ought to be a movement of fellow believers who, like Lot of old but unlike Lot’s wife, are prepared to flee the unnecessary vexations and defilements of city life before God’s wrath and judgement are poured out, as occurred in ancient times to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the other cities of the plains, and as occurred to the entire earth at the time of Noah’s deluge… Some may say that to flee the cities presently implies a curtailing of God’s “ witness” to the inhabitants of those cities.. This is a fallacy, however, since the world is already ripe for inevitable judgement, and God’s call to “ be ye separate” by fleeing to the countryside will engender jealousy and curiosity in the minds of ungodly unbelievers and habitual sinners to such an extent that, by good example, they will repent and themselves shun all evil and learn to imitate the good examples of Christian Communal Villages throughout the world;

i) Christian Communal Living ought to be a return to “ village” life that encourages BOTH married life between a man and a woman only for the purpose of comfort and procreation, AND virginal/ chaste life for both men and women, as God originally intended. It cannot currently be a return to “ Edenic Perfection and Purity of Nature”, or some “ Natural Ecological Balance between Man and Nature” due to the fact that until Christ returns to establish His Father’s Millenial Kingdom on earth and renovates the entire earth, there will be NO perfection in fallen nature, nor will the lion eat straw, nor the wolf lie down with the lamb, nor will the infant play at the cockatrice’s den, nor will the curse on the earth be lifted so that no thorns, thistles or briars exist ( God did not originally create the rose with thorns), nor will grapes yield a hin of wine… That time will only come when Christ Jesus returns to exact judgement on this earth and then rules the remnant and survivors personally with the resurrected saints, and not before;

j) Christian Communal Living ought to be an EXODUS from the bondage and slavery of Egyptian/ Worldly “ social-kingdom-building”… Christians are not social door-mats nor mere social servants… They are worthy of emulation and ought to assist the needy if and when the “needy” demonstrate true need.. Country havens and refuges for the needy are of far greater use than the temptation-ridden environment of the city, which offers no permanent solutions to those who are yearning for an opportunity to be helped and to help.. Christian Communal Living villages ought thus to be well positioned to help the poor and the needy on Christian terms, rather than to act as an adjunct to this evil society which, though parading as nominally “ Christian”, has always been, and will always remain, barbarous and anti-christian;

k) Christian Communal Living ought to be denominationally impartial, where one is never styled “ of Paul” and another “ of Apollos” etc.etc., but all hold dear the worthy name of “ Christ” our founder and master; namely “Christians” and who, collectively, espouse the name of their village and region ( Thessalonian, Roman, Antiochian etc). A Christian, however, is not one exclusively so, for their Faith is a “ Universal” or “ Catholic” Faith, though certainly not “ Roman” or any other aloof expression of overbearing pride, presumption, usurpation and carnality. A Christian must also tread the “ straight and narrow path”, and may therefore justly be styled as “Orthodox”, and “ Conservative”. Denominationalism and State-Religionism is in the main a demonstration of secular parochialism and carnality, as the Apostle to the Gentiles, Paul, clearly affirmed.. Yet at the same time, Christian Communal Living must reject all present movements and attempts at ECUMENISM, which are false and counterfeit attempts to unite things that never can or ought to be united, and whose agenda serves to usher in a New World Religion which will bow to the final world Emperor: the last Antichrist;

l) Christian Communal Living ought to be a living expression of “ turning the other cheek”, and must never resort to the “ sword”; whether the sword of the individual, the collective, or the “ sword of Caesar” ( the military, police, lawcourts/litigation, medical incarceration, political governments, or any other ruling office of enforcement).. This, however, does not imply that Christians may reject government and authority, but quite the opposite, Christians ought always to pray for all in power and authority in Government, and to pay their taxes and dues as the laws of the land demand, but they are forbidden to “ strive”, whether politically, militarily, legally, or otherwise. “ Here is the PATIENCE of the Saints” means precisely that Christians may not strive, nor join the military or enforcement agencies AFTER they have become Christians ( an existing soldier or enforcement officer who turns Christian MAY remain a soldier or an enforcement officer until his Faith is compromised, or until he is required to “ do harm to any man”. If he sheds, under command, blood in battle or during the course of enforcement he must be excluded from the sacrament of the altar for a protracted period of time, as the early Church taught and practised), for “ all who live by the sword shall die by the sword”, since there is nothing in this world worth defending by the sword, and little good in present society worth striving for socially. As Christians we are pilgrims in this earth seeking a better home and place, and must learn patience and indeed to “ turn the other cheek”;

m) Christian Communal Living ought to return to the FOUNT of our Faith, namely, the Holy Scriptures ( including the set apocryphal books), as well as the source of our Teachings, as embodied in the original Didache ( Teaching of the Twelve) and the Apostolic Constitutions and Canons: the true and legitimate issue of the first Apostolic Council at Jerusalem as penned by the scribe of that Greatest of ALL Church Councils; Clement of Rome…;

n) Christian Communal Living ought to “ seek out the ancient paths” of our Christian Faith by not merely attempting dialogue at “ fruit, leaf, and branch level” with other denominations, but by returning to the “ roots of our Faith”, particularly the first three centuries of our era before the advent of doctrinal fragmentation, Arianism, heresy, successionism/ replacement theology, xenophobic parochialism, false Montanistic revivalism/spiritualism, Latinism, Post and A-Millenialism, Imperialism and Democracy in the Churches: infact before all the major ruptures in doctrine, practice and polity within the undivided Catholic and Orthodox Christian Church prior to the Council of Chalcedon and, particularly, prior to the First Council at Nicea (which was blasphemously presided over by a Roman Emperor, and which said Council dared to openly alter the original Canons and Constitutions of the Apostles).. Though the advent of heresies and schisms have served to teach us who had and who had not the truth, the time has arrived to heed the testimony of the first undivided Church. Even though we cannot replicate the practice of the first century Church ( due to the temporary cessation of the original Charismata/Gifts), we must await in earnest the promised near return of Enoch and Elijah in the flesh and with them the true future “ latter rain outpouring” of the prophet Joel… It is only at such a future moment that a full restoration of the Christian Church, according to the original New Testament pattern, can and will occur.. Until such a time of renewal and revival, the best that we may hope for is a partial exode from the clutches of Egypt, Sodom and Babylon.;

o) Christian Communal Living ought to be thoroughly “ Christian” and multi-racial, but NEVER “ multi-cultural” or “ ecumenical”, since the nature of our Faith demands a rejection of ALL other belief systems, due to the fact that ( as the Apostle Paul in concert with King David of old affirms) ALL the “ gods of the nations/gentiles/pagans” are DEMONS… None of the nations of old worshipped or “knew” Almighty God,( excepting the Jews) nor gave Him the glory.. This universal worship of demons as God/Gods does not exempt the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Taoists, the Druids, the Amerindian Shamans, the Australian Aborigine Shamans, OR the Arab MUSLIMS ( Saint John Damascene, when writing of “ the great heresy of the Arabs and the false prophet Mohammed”, confirms unequivocally that Allah was anciently known as “ Khabar”, or Venus/Aphrodite, whom the Saracen Arabs worshipped as “ Alilat”: the morning star, or the demon Venus/Aphrodite. To the Romans, Venus ( the Arab Alilat/Allah) was styled “ Lucifera”, from where we derive the name of the head angel of Satan: Lucifer the “ great adversary”);

p) Christian Communal Living ought to be entirely skeptical of ALL the “ vain philosophy” of this world, and ALL the “ science falsely so-called”, since it was the undivided belief of the ancient Christian Church that ALL the “ wise men” of this world were fools before God and knew not their maker, nor gave Him glory, and were the authors of ALL heresy, schism and apostasy in and out of the Christian Church. Almighty God never used Philosophy and Science as a training ground for Faith, but quite the opposite, Philosophy and Science were always the great stumbling block to Faith and obedience to God’s commands;

q) Christian Communal Living ought to shun, like the early Christian Church, all worldly acting, entertainment, sport and amusement.. An actor, entertainer, sportsman, musical performer, or a comedian, was in the ancient Church treated with not a grain of respect and no better than a sorcerer/shaman, and could never be admitted into the congregation of the Saints: the Christian Church.. Today they are treated like gods and virtually deified by the bemused and hypnotized populace.. Infact, no one plying such a trade could be admitted in the early church as a Catechumen or especially as a Clergyman, since they had to relinquish their vanity and pride and cunning by demonstrating “ fruits of repentance”, which entailed abstinence and a complete about-face from their previous worldly lives and, as in the above instances, professions also.. Proof of the above statements are to be found in the “ Constitutions of the Holy Apostles” by Clement, Bishop of Rome ( 1st century A.D.)…


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