image of ancient cross….Al-Hakim, Mithraism, and the sleeping emperor theme….

(Islamic Ismaili Secret Brotherhoods and the Advent of the final Antichrist)

Modern Secret Fraternities/ Brotherhoods such as Freemasonry are in the main infact Persian Mithraic Zoroastrianism channelled through the Secret Islamic Brotherhoods of Ismaili/ Druze Islam, which were systematically conveyed by Crusader converts and the Roman Monks from the Levant to Europe and beyond, via the Theosophical Unitarian syncretistic religion and initiation rites of the Druzes of Mount Hermon in present day Lebanon ( the Great White Brotherhood), and the Fatimid Ismaili Tradition of Egypt. All Initiatory Orders were and are known as “ religions of the handshake”..

Mithras, whom the Greeks worshipped as the daemon Phanes, or Protogonos, otherwise known as the “ spiritual/intellectual Apollo” ( the “ dark sun”, or Mercury/Hermes- the mediator and psychopomp of the Greeks), being associated with the realm of the mind and thought, the counterfeit mirific “ Logos/ Word of Power”, was also known to the Romans, in his martial aspect, as “ Sol Invictus”. The Viking Scandinavians, particularly the Danes, called themselves the “ sons/ warriors of Odin”, who was none other than the daemon Hermes/ Mithras/ Mercury; the “ dark sun”, and brother of the daemon Apollo.

His religion, in the first centuries of the Christian Era, was the GREAT counterfeit of the Christian religion, whose philosophical supporters in the centuries after the birth of Christianity were in the main of the NeoPlatonic/ Gnostic School that harkened back to Ammonius Saccas at Alexandria, and before him to Simon Magus the Samaritan. In more recent times, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who was instrumental in the founding of the modern “ Theosophical Society”, having been initiated by her own admissions in the “ Great White Brotherhood of the Druzes” in Lebanon, during her travels, has successfully conveyed to the western world the tenets of Druze Fatimid Ismailism openly, as the “ externalization of the Druze hierarchy”, and the synthesizing religion of the coming Antichrist/ Emperor of Europe and the whole world, whose political platform is called “ SYNARCHY”… This Final Ismaili Muslim World Emperor/ Antichrist will reunite the world of the ancient boundaries of the Roman Empire, which included both Europe and the Middle East and North Africa, and, like the Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire since the time of Charlemagne, shall assume dictatorial power and rule after being anointed by the Final Great False Prophet, represented by the Papacy in Rome.

Mithraism was the Persian branch of the ancient Bactrian Zoroastrianism.. Zoroastrianism; the parent of “ Hegelian Religio-Political-Philosophical Dialectics” ( for a better term) was a religion of dualism, yet in Persia it sired Mithraism; which could perhaps best be described as a religion of “ Unitarianism”, very similar to that established in Egypt by Akhenaton.. Whereas Zoroastrianism elevated the Dualism of Ahriman and Ahura Mazda, Mithraism appears to have united BOTH extremes in the worship of Mithras/Phanes ( Hermes); the “ synthesis” of the original dialectic, and partaking of characteristics common to both of the opposing Zoroastrian deities.. The birthday of Mithras, as with the “ Sol Invictus” of the Romans, was the winter solstice; 25th of December…

The purported secret yet cyclical “ birth” of a counterfeit “ saviour”, in diabolical imitation of the Christion “ Logos” ( Word of God/ Christ), the daemon Mithras/ Phanes ( the Greek Hermes), from a rock in the Cave of a mountain, became a repeating theme amongst all the esoteric societies world-wide to such an extent that the tenets of Mithraism succeeded to permeate ALL religions that based their existence on “ the sword and the torch”, both in the West AND in the East… The theme of the “ sleeping emperor”, or the “ once and future king” is to be found in all nations that embraced the Unitarian/ Arian secrets of Mithraism/ Hermeticism at one time or another; from Nero to the Druid King Arthur, from Charlemagne to Ogier the Dane, from Fionn mac Cumhaill to Frederick Barbarossa and many others..

In modern Freemasonry ( according to “ Andersons Constitutions”) virtually all of these figures were associated with the Lodge as masters and even grandmasters. We must remember that the theme of the “ cave of initiation” is prominent in the legends surrounding Guatama Buddha, of Mahommad, of Christian Rosenkreutz ( founder of modern Rosicrucianism), and countless other Secret Initiatory Orders. It should also be noted that these pagan principles were inherited by the Fatimid Ismaili tradition in Islam, and expressed openly via the various Assassin, Sufi and Dervish Brotherhoods; both Sunni and Shia.

When Saint John Damascene declared in the last decades of the eighth century that the final Antichrist would come from the Arian Mahommadan tradition of Islam ( submission), he may indeed have foretold of the figure of their long-awaited, “ sleeping emperor”; their “ Imam Mahdi”, who would once again come forth at the end of time from his hiding place, and would put down all opposition to Islam, and establish the new “ Golden Age of Saturn”; the Ebionite/ Gnostic “ Theocratic Kingdom on Earth”, which the heretic Cerinthus prophesied of in the first century A.D…

To this day, the Ismaili Fatimid sect of the Druze await their “ sleeping emperor”, the Fatimid “ mad Caliph” Al-Hakim, who was the first to dare to attempt the full and complete annihilation of Christians in the middle east, and of Christianity itself, and to attempt to destroy all the known Christian Holy Places.. In 1005 AD he established in Cairo a “ secret Lodge” called the “ House of Knowledge”, the Dar al-Hikma, and subsequently proceeded to destroy the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in 1009, and even the Church of the Resurrection some time after. It is from this “ House of Knowledge” that various centres of secret missionary activity branched out to establish “ schools” and “ lodges” in Yemen ( Dhamar),Lebanon, Damascus, Bactria, Tibet, and eventually Germany itself through their disciple Christian Rosenkreutz. Al-Hakim was and is venerated by the Druzes of Lebanon and environs as “ God on Earth” to this day, whose return is expected at any moment by the sect, after his mysterious disappearance without a trace near Cairo in Egypt in 1021 AD… He is regarded as an incarnation of the “ sleeping emperor” by many, who shall emerge from a mountain cave, unify Islam, and destroy the infidel…

The Druzes, who call themselves “ Unitarians” ( the heresy of Bishop Arius, whose disciple, the monk Sergius, was the tutor of Mahhomad in his youth) and have secret Lodges and initiations identical to Hermetic Mithraism, interestingly, are a mixed race of, amongst others, Phoenician AND Jewish stock, namely the tribe of Dan, which resided in the northern parts of Palestine at the source of the Jordan and the foothills of Mount Hermon, as well as in Yemen, Sparta, and Bactria…

When the prophet Jeremiah prophesied that the Antichrist would come with his horses from the tribe of DAN ( as the early Church believed) could it be that he had in mind the “ sleeping emperor”, the “ Imam Mahdi” of Ismaili Islam? It can be, it seems, no other…..


  1. A truly enlightening piece and although ancient in origin is highly relevant today.
    I hypothisized a direct connection between mithraism and masonry for a number of years but did not have this historical background information to connect the dots. The mithra cave of enlightenment reflected in the masonic lodge with all the windows blacked out seem connected. I also ponder the meaning of the ubiquitous torch in the hand of the liberty statue for example. What is the meaning of the slaying of the bull and how is that symbolism represented today? I stumbled across our site and then the mithra article via a link given here
    Thank you so much and may our Lord continue to guide and bless your work.

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