The Ten Lost Tribes & Why The Khazar Empire Did Not Give Rise To Modern Jewry

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Scripture commands all Gentiles to boast not against the Jews. This is an undeniable fact derived from, and especially, the writings of the Apostle Paul. Though the Jews are currently, and have been for the past two millennia almost, blinded for a season, anyone who touches them touches the apple of God’s eye as, once again, the New Testament maintains.. As individuals they may be Faithless and Blinded and, like any unbeliever, bound for a painful uncertainty in eternity, but the time shall come when they too shall see the imprints in the hands of the returning Christ/Messiach, and shall repent en-masse and believe, and become the crux of Christ’s Kingdom on earth, having firstly, however, thrown their lot in with the final Antichrist/World Emperor ( descended from one of their own tribes, namely the tribe of Dan, as the prophet Jeremiah prophesied)….

The question of the identity of the first diaspora of the 10 tribes is an involved one… What is certain is that they were dispersed into the cities of the Medes/Madai ( from whom the “Sar-Madai; the Sarmatians, who were the progenitors of the Slavic Nations descend) and “beyond the river Sambatyan”, where they kept up some of their traditions including circumcision… There is, however, a convolution of history which has generally been omitted… In the missionary journals of the Reverend Wolff, and numerous other travellers and explorers of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, we find encounters with the descendants of the TRUE dispersed tribes all the way from Crimea to Mongolia, and from Bactria and Afghanistan to Yemen.. Interestingly, Afghani, after whom the country of the same name was named, is known to have been of the tribe of Benjamin, and many of the tribes of Afghanistan, particularly around Kandahar ( the “Gandhara” of the Buddhists), to this day refer to themselves as the ” Bani Israel” or the “sons of Israel”. This is also true of the tribes occupying the region of Pakistan and western India as well… Tamerlane the Tartar claimed descent from the tribe of Dan, as do many Yemenis, and some of the Turkish tribes as well… The Moghul empire also was of Israeli stock…

Following the fallacious theories of Arthur Koestler ( the author of “The Thirteenth Tribe”), most conspiracy theorists on the subject of the supposed Khazar descent of modern Jewry, have toed the National Socialist line which Hitler used to justify mass genocide and the attempted extermination of the Jews of Europe.. This theory presupposes that the eventual dissolution of the Khazar Empire sent mass-migrations of Jewish Proselytes into Northern and Western Europe ( which is completely denied by history, since no such movement of an Eastern nation into western Europe is recorded as occurring in ANY annal of history between the 7th and 11th centuries, nor during any subsequent century), rather than accepting the fact that the majority of the population of Khazaria converted to ISLAM and merged with their invaders during the various waves of invasions to which its inhabitants were subjected to..

The Khazar conversion to Judaism WAS NOT to last past the 11th century or so, as history confirms, yet the presence of Ashkenazi Jews in northern Europe, Poland and Russia both preceedes the 8th century ( the century of conversion) AND succeeds the 11th century.. Hitler, who was a Rosicrucian, basing his theories of racial superiority on the work of Nietzche AND the most famous British/Scottish Rosicrucian of the day; Lord Bulwer Lytton ( the author of “ The Coming Race”) , received his racial theories largely from the legacy of the “Anglo-Celtic-Aryan-British Israelite” Movement, who were preparing to divide Europe into 10 regions based upon the very flawed and diabolical “ replacement theology” of John Calvin and Theodore Beza in Protestant Geneva, but needed a “scapegoat” and an ” excuse for their lies” as well as a “prophetic justification” from the Word of God, in order to revive the 10 toed Kingdom of the Prophetic Beast of the Apocalypse of Saint John; largely from the area of the ancient Roman Empire, and its three preceeding empires; that of Greece/Macedonia, Persia/Media, and Babylonia..

The Rosicrucian Society of which Jakob Boehme was imperator in Germany ( Boehme was a favourite of the Nazi party via the legacy of the works of the false prophet Jakob Lorber et al) during the time of the “Fama Fraternatis” gave rise to the “Philadelphian Society” in England of John Pordage and Jane Lead, from which quarters the doctrine of “Aryan/British Israelitism” ( an issue of the false “replacement theology” which Calvinism in Geneva furthered) first came to light through Richard Brothers, one of their members, who was also associated with continental Masonic Martinist lodges, particularly the legacy of Louis Claude de St. Martin ( a disciple of the Rosicrucian Jakob Boehme)…

The “convolution of history” to which I alluded earlier, concerns the fact that the very descendants of Japeth; the Anglo-Celtic-Aryan nations, who peopled Europe and have embraced this false “replacement Calvinistic theology theory” , where the literal promises to the literal Jews are handed over to the literal promises of the literal Christendom, have been the ones who have gone into Afghanistan, Crimea, and other areas of the world which still harbour the TRUE descendants of the Israelite dispersion, and have systematically waged war against them in order to wipe them out so as to SUBSTITUTE the literal promises given to the literal Israel ( Jewry) by appropriating them to themselves, and to cover their own tracks and lying agendas.. Hitler made the attempt, and Stalin continued it, and Mao likewise.

No, unfortunately the Khazars DID NOT give rise to Ashkenazi Jews, as history affirms.. Nor was there a secret “thirteenth tribe” as Koestler vainly imagines, since “Dinah”, the daughter and the thirteenth issue of the Patriarch Jacob ( Israel) DID NOT produce a tribe nor any descendants… Though the Jewish nation is certainly not innocent ( no nation is), only ONE of their tribe is to be cast out of an inheritance when Jesus their Messiach returns to establish His Father’s Kingdom on a renovated earth.. The tribe to be cast out is the tribe of Dan…

The tribe of Dan largely founded the ISMAILI DRUZE race and religion in Phoenicia/ Modern Lebanon, and is the tribe from which the final Hermes/ Odin/ Antichrist shall come. The ancient name of Mount Hermon in Lebanon, the home of the Druze/Druid religion/Masonry, was “Sion”, as opposed to the hill of “Zion” in Jerusalem.. The “Protocols of Sion” are the issue of the DRUZE freemasonry ( into which Madame Blavatsky of “ Theosophical Society” fame, was initiated according to her own admissions), and have little to do with the Zionists.. The famed “Priory of Sion” harkens back to the Druze/Druid/Pythagorean fraternity of Lebanon, who had close links to the ESSENE Order in Israel, and the Druids of Western Europe. Their counterparts in the East were the Buddhists: all being disciples of the father of modern Freemasonry: Pythagoras of Samos ( whose father was of noble Tyrian/Phoenician lineage, and came from the region of Lebanon), who in turn was a disciple of the FIRST Philosopher; Zoroaster/Zarathusht, whom the Jews and Greeks understood to have been the very same as Nimrod/Osiris, of “ tower of Babylon” fame…..

Much has been touted over the past few centuries, particularly in Protestant circles that have concerned themselves with Prophetical Exegesis, as to the origin of those enigmatic northern nations which the Prophet Ezekiel prophesied would descend upon the nation of Israel just prior to the return of their Messiach; Jesus Christ, to establish His Father’s Kingdom on a renovated and rejuvenated earth; namely, the nations of Gog and Magog, and, after an interregnum of 1000 years, would repeat the dastardly deed, having succeeded in gathering all nations under their bitter wings for the purpose of destroying the nation of Israel in their own land… Historical legends surrounding these northern nations from the time of Alexander the Great and onwards, have created a convenient screen of smoke around the real protagonists in question, yet simultaneously have managed to relay the blame on more innocent shoulders..

The ancient name of the race of Gog ( who was historically known as “ Cauc”) is forever imbedded in the great mountain range north of Israel from which his descendants, along with the progeny of Magog ( the ancient name of the Scythian/Magyar/Tartar/Mongol/Amerindian & Eskimo tribes), have perennially descended upon more southern and eastern latitudes for the purpose of conquest and rapine… The mountain range is of course the Caucasus; the home of those northern barbarian nations to which history has bequeathed the name of “ Caucasian”…
Historically, the Caucasian ( Aryan “ longheads”) Race was infact a great “ confederacy” of Japhetic nations which resided in the Caucasus mountains; having the Scythian nations ( Magog) as their northern and north- eastern allies and neighbours..

The crux of the “Race of Gog” consisted of several tribes that included the nation of Albion ( the Angles and the Saxons/Sacae and the Albans/Albanians), as well as the British Khumry ( Cimmerians and Phrygians), and several other Gaulish/ Celtic, Gothic/Getae and Aryan Tribes…. The nations descended from Magog, however, were, as Herodotus affirmed, a populous nation dedicated to the religion of Shamanism.. Their chief name was that of the “ Scythians”, who were divided into three major branches; the ROYAL branch being the progenitor of the “ Scoloti” or “ SCOTTISH RACE” ( the name of SCOT is derived from SCYTHE/SCYTHIAN/ Scoloti, and even their famed TARTAN skirt by which each clan was distinguished, harks back to their north-eastern land of origin: TARTARY- the home of the Finno-Ugrian-Magyar, Turkic, Scottish and the Mongol Tribes)… The spread of these Ugric-Mongol Tribes over the Bering Strait and into the Americas, Greenland etc, has indeed confirmed Herodotus’ statements as to the history and widespread nature of the Scythian Tribes, who had even in his day spread to the ends of the known earth and beyond…

The Royal Magog tribe ( Scythian) is therefore to be found in the Scottish race, whereas the main body of the descendants of Gog ( the Caucasians) are represented by the Anglo-Saxon- Aryan race…The confederacy also lists a third tribe, that of the “ RUS”, or “ ROSH” as a head tribe of the armies of Gog and Magog.. History has named a NORWEGIAN TRIBE called the “ RUS”, who conquered the Slavs of present day Russia and gave them their own name as well as their Royal Lineage; forming in their own right the white Russian people… The Slavic tribes, who have been falsely equated with Gog and Magog and Rosh, were in ancient times known as the descendants of the MEDES/MADAI; the SAR-MADAI ( Sarmatians); and it was to the “ cities of these Medes” that a number of the 10 scattered tribes of Israel migrated at the time of Shalmanasser’s captivity of Samaria and dispersal of the Kingdom of the 10 tribes of Israel….

So we may thus fathom and discover how history has been contorted in order to counterfeit the identity of the actual “lost” 10 tribes of Israel, and by whom, and for what possible reasons.. The entire world is being groomed and herded into a great confederacy in order to attempt the complete destruction of the real descendants of the Tribes of Israel.. After an initial period of false world peace and the establishment of a new “ Golden Age” under the aegis of the final world Emperor/Antichrist and the final Pope/ False Prophet, the unleashed fury of Rosh, Gog and Magog will descend upon the nation of Israel itself at the valley of Megiddo in Israel… It is then that Jesus Christ, the only Messiach and Saviour of the World, will descend from the heavens in triumph to exact vengeance on behalf of the innocent and the nation of the Jews, who for so long have rejected Him; having also crucified Him by the hand of Rome… It is then that the Messianic Kingdom will be established on earth, and the “ Father’s Will Be Done On Earth As In Heaven”…….

…… boast not indeed against the Jews, for the tables of persecution will soon be turned in favour of the victims… the wages and stakes of not loving the truth, are all too high in eternity….

2 thoughts on “The Ten Lost Tribes & Why The Khazar Empire Did Not Give Rise To Modern Jewry

  1. appears that I am of the Royal Magog tribe (Scythain) … a descendant of Gog … Thank the Lord that In Jesus Christ we are no longer judged in the flesh. John 3: 5 Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. 6 “That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7 “Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ 8 “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

  2. Indeed Roy, Christ Jesus has made of all Nations who sincerely believe, ONE single RACE and ONE Glorious Kin, no matter what their origin.. That New Race is the Race of the Christians, wherever they may be found… Praise be to Almighty God and His Christ that we are no longer victims of our descent and lineage… Maranatha from Peter

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