St.Victorinus of Pettau ( Poetovio) ” On the Apocalypse” translated by Kevin Edgecomb

image of ancient cross

St Victorinus of Poetovio Translated by Kevin Edgecomb
Please click on the above for full pdf of Victorinus’ Commentary

[ The slanderous desecration of Victorinus’ Commentary on the Apocalypse of St John by Jerome, is typical of the attempt by Latin Christendom and the Post-Nicene Church to attempt to usurp unjustly and blasphemously the rightful claim of Christ Himself to an earthly Millenial Kingdom in the near future, as prophesied by the ancient prophets, and as universally believed by the Apostles and their earliest disciples. The dire warning stamped in the Apocalypse itself, which curses all who would tamper with ” the words of this prophecy ( of St John)”, has obviously not been heeded by the majority of Postmillenial and Amillenial interpreters particularly since the advent of Latin Christianity ( Tertullian, Jerome et al) and the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. It is our sincere hope that the above Commentary devoid of Jerome’s desecrations, and as originally penned by Victorinus, would be earnestly studied as a work deserving of great notice and value. Credit must go to Kevin Edgecomb for faithfully translating the original work and rendering it into modern English in such a worthy manner.]

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