On Iterative Prophecy by Kevin Edgecomb

image of ancient cross

The following brief notes by Kevin Edgecomb reflect accurately the possibility of discovering in the very near future the REAL KEY to unlocking the symbolic prophecies of the Bible; particularly of the Apocalypse of Saint John. After many years of applied study of prophecy, especially the Apocalypse, I came to the conclusion that prophetic interpretation MUST align with the real nature of the Prophetic Spirit of Christ, namely; the Spirit of “JESUS”, who, as Scripture affirms, IS THE Spirit of Prophecy, and the same Yesterday ( PAST), Today ( PRESENT), and Forever ( FUTURE).. These three tenses must be accorded equal worth SIMULTANEOUSLY if Prophecy is to be truly understood, and the Word of God rightly divided.. The polarized battles between the schools of interpretation, particularly the Historicist, Preterist, and Futurist methods of Prophetic Interpretation, prove thus to be frail and childish attempts by partisan xenophobes to peddle their own wares, and instead of rendering well and rightly dividing the Word of Truth according to the ” Faith as ONCE given” by Christ and the Apostles, we find that they have only succeeded to ” rend the seamless garment” of verity into multiple pieces. All that remains now is great confusion, of which God is NOT the author, and party politics in the Churches, with each and every one claiming to scale the heights of understanding whilst standing on the shoulders of mere midgets. I came across Kevin’s thoughts a few years ago and am reproducing them herein by permission for the simple reason that I do not believe I could have expressed my own thoughts on the matter and methodology any better, and that the notes themselves are worthy of further study and development, in which I would personally encourage Kevin and others to persevere… (P.C.)

On Iterative Prophecy PDF
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