image of ancient crossTHE APOSTLES’ CREED

“….I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ his only begotten Son our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Ghost; born of the Virgin Mary; suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried; he descended into hell; the third day he rose from the dead; he ascended into heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead. I believe in the Holy Ghost; the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints; the forgiveness of sins; the resurrection of the body; and the life everlasting. Amen….”

“..Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. (Matt 11:29); Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken..” The Prophet Jeremiah 6: 16-17

The following comments from McClintock and Strong’s Cyclopedia are useful as background information to the first and greatest of Christendom’s Creeds.. The reason why the Nicene and subsequent Creeds are inferior is largely due to the inserted clause of ” and His Kingdom shall have no end” which, though in itself quite sound doctrinally, was manufactured by the Nicean Bishops in order to denounce the doctrine of PreMillenialism ( Chiliasm), as an unwarranted overreaction against the false Chiliasm of the great heretic Cerinthus; the opponent of Saint John…The word ” Catholic” in the Apostle’s Creed merely refers to the Church Universal and has no bearing to the pretensions of Roman Catholicism…..

[1. It is held by many writers of the Church of Rome that this creed was composed by the apostles themselves, who, during their stay at Jerusalem soon after our Lord’s ascension, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, agreed upon it as a rule of faith and as a mark of distinction, by which they were to know friends from foes. Rufinus says (about A.D. 400, in his Exposit. Symboli): “There was an ancient tradition that the apostles, being about to depart from Jerusalem, first settled a rule for their future preaching, lest, after they were separated from each other, they should expound different doctrines to those whom they invited to the Christian faith. Wherefore, being all assembled together and filled with the Holy Ghost, they composed this short rule of their preaching, each one contributing his sentence, and left it as a rule: to be given to all believers”….

2. A writer under the name of Augustine pretends to tell us what article was contributed by each apostle. Peter said, “I believe in God, the Father Almighty.” John, “Maker of heaven and earth.” James, “And in Jesus Christ, his only Son our Lord.” Andrew, “Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary.” Philip, “Suffered under Pontius Pilate; was crucified, dead, and buried.” Thomas, “He descended into hell; the third day he rose again from the dead.” Bartholomew, “He ascended into heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.” Matthew, “From thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead.” James, the son of Alphneus, added, “I believe in the Holy Ghost; the holy Catholic Church.” Simon Zelotes, “The communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins.” Jude, the brother of James, ‘The resurrection of the body.” Matthias, “The life everlasting.” And accordingly the creed was called Symbolum Apostolicum, as being made up of sentences jointly contributed after the manner of persons paying each their shot or share of the reckoning……]


In a retail business such as our bookshop here, tucked away in the backwaters of a little Australian hamlet, though we regularly encounter people of all persuasions and walks of life, and not a few professing Christians of all denominations, and due to the relatively easy and “retiring” nature of our profession, we have more than often occasion to enter into deep discussions with those who enter our premises, and more than often we have the privilege to enter into peoples Faith, as well as intellectual, lives, hopes and yearnings; a privilege somewhat unique, for some strange reason, to bookshops in general… We learn much about the way individuals, families, and society in general, think, feel, and believe, simply by the nature of their enquiries, or the different genres or fields of interest they wish to delve into… We also learn quickly much about fallen as well as redeemed human nature, as well as the degree of passion those who enter hold for their beliefs, simply by their first approach, and by the first question that proceeds from their lips… We find that most, though certainly not all, come into our bookshop because they are searching, at time questing, for answers that they may not even imagine they are themselves asking or seeking, yet deep down there is an obvious, though often unadmitted, yearning for certainty in a world that worships fence-sitting uncertainty and indecision as “wisdom”, and resigned unknowability as “god”… There are those who enter purely for themselves, dealing with their own state of mind, faith and other issues, and then there are those who enter on behalf of others, sometimes seeking simply for suitable temporal gifts, yet again others come in seeking something more “eternal” and abiding, especially for family members and children… When I commenced working in the book trade in London, three years after my conversion to Christianity, I entered a world that connected the present with the past and the future, in such a coherent manner, and underpinned so much, infact virtually all, of what society and human endeavour held dear and true, and infact based its entire existance on, I gradually saw how all the apparent differences, developments, inventions, philosophies, sciences, arts, beliefs, that men and women throughout the ages presented, in written form, as new and unique, or as true and abiding, were actually mere offshoots of a common parent, and branches of a common tree, and were infact, nothing new or novel… When King Solomon wrote nearly 3000 years ago that “ there is nothing new under the sun”, and that all human inventions and endeavours were mere puffs of wind, ie: “vanity”, he was not merely having a bout of melancholic depression, as todays priesthood of shrinks would diagnose him having, for the words were not his but God’s, and infallibly scripture, pure and true for all eternity… The more books that passed through my hands, the more I saw how one man built on the foundations of another, who in turn built on another’s also, and when I saw how throughout the ages one and all built and brought stones and bricks as their contribution to the one great edifice, the one great “tower of confusion”, which was planned to end all wars, all differences, and would inaugurate a “new order”, a “new golden age of Saturn” a “great utopia of humanism”, I began to comprehend not only the depth of subversion that humanity, including the professing Christian portion, who also carried and built with the bricks of the heathens and the pagans though trimmed up in “Christian” garb, was steeped in, but also the entirely contrasting impeccable and severe relevance, for every age and clime, of every literal Word that “ proceedeth from the mouth of God” without which “bread of life” we cannot live, which will not bend nor bow to any man or woman or child, and which with every “jot and tittle” will remain certain, true, and unchanging as long as heaven and earth remain, and indeed, for all eternity. The Almighty God needs no “development” or “modification to our times” of ideas, nor does He “experiment”, nor must he “ accommodate experience” to our passions, fashions, gluttenous inventions and ignorant “clutching at worldly straws”… As I handled the great books and works of the ages, with all their Antichristian and Godless ignorance, unbelief, half-truths and lies, which men of learning, the founders of our civilization and all our education systems, secular AND “Christian”, held in esteem and followed invariably to a T, and based their entire lives on and held to be as sure as Scripture; whether Zoroaster or Guatama, or Plato, or Pythagoras, or Aristotle, or Socrates, or Bacon, or/ Shakespeare, or Darwin, or Freud, or Jung, or Einstein, or Copernicus; heathens and “Christians” who nevertheless believed and taught exactly the same as each other, having philosophy and magia/science as a common denominator, I wondered more and more how such “sure truths”, which Jew, Gentile and Christian were socially forced to embrace universally and without question due to the “ infallible word of the learned of this world”, ie: the “wise of this world”, the more I realised what God’s demands about the utter need to be “ not blown about by every wind of doctrine”, and “ having laid the hand to the plough not to look back”, and to be “ holy and separate”, without which Holiness “ no man shall see God”, to be “ in the world but not of it”, “perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect”; “loving Truth as it is in Christ” and not merely juggling it or hypocritically hiding behind it for the sake of social, or church, acceptance, and that “ whosoever shall lead a Godly life in Christ Jesus SHALL ( not perhaps may, or maybe could) suffer persecution”, and finally “ whosoever is a friend of this world is THE enemy of God”, actually meant spiritually as well as socially applied, since none of the great founders of our civilization actually “ suffered for true Godliness/Righteousness” or were “holy and separated unto Christ” or were not “of the world” or “loved the Truth as it is in Christ Jesus” or were, like Abraham, “Friends of God”, yet it is into their care that we must sacrifice the minds, souls and spirits of ourselves and, importantly, of our children and loved ones… “Let all men be liars, yet God be true” took on a whole new reality for me, since for decades I truly wanted to give the “ wise of this world” a sincere chance of accommodation to God’s Word, in no matter how small a way, but found it just did not exist, and the twain paths could NEVER actually meet….. When God tells us that the “wisdom of this world is foolishness before God” and that all human learning and philosophy and ideology is “ science falsely so-called”, and that, as both Old and New Testament declare “ ALL the Gods of the nations ( that means every deity, mythological demi-god/hero/ giant, familiar/elemental spirit, elf, sprite, kelpie, fairy, gnome, goblin, salamander, faun, sylph, mermaid, merman, etc.etc.) were actually demons/fallen angels who could never repent or be saved or bestow any lasting benefit to humanity, especially believers, and were in the service of Satan/Lucifer/Venus, the “god of this world”, I realised the enormity of the issues before one and all, especially those who professed Christ, and the difficult but necessary task and decision we as Christians, who are pilgrims in this world seeking a “better home” for ourselves and our children, must make, and if we do not do so, must inevitably perish since it is written that “ my people perish for a LACK of knowledge”…….

We must primarily treat of reality, but not simply one’s own experience and construction, or perhaps another’s, but the reality of how things truly are and have always been, and why they are so, and how they will be, according to the measure of understanding given us through the Infallible and Inerrant Word of God; the Holy Scriptures ( Bible). It is not pride or vain pomp that must drives our pen.. We seek not to encompass all truth and knowledge, such as Francis Bacon vainly sought to do, for that is a futile and vain quest. It belongs only to God Himself, who needs no questing or improvement.. We must draw and take it from greater precedents than our own imagination and intuition; from, admittedly, perceived as well as real experience , and also conjecture and conclusion; from history and prophecy, from Divine Writ itself and the testimony of ages past…For the tree is known by its fruits, and conjecture and conclusion, inspired by Faith AND Devout Reason, are part of the tree of verity, of truth..” Come, Let US Reason together, says the Lord”, and again, “the Truth shall make you free”… Reasoning, volitional intelligence and conscious sentience are what separate men from mere beasts, vegetables and minerals.. We should not seek to bypass them or seek external inspiration without the tincture of reasoned understanding, whilst pressing for the truth and authentic insight that cannot in turn be bound by reason alone.. Our reasoning faculties, however, must also be constantly tempered by virtue, lowliness of mind and meekness, yet also with that “ righteous indignation” directed against all deception, sin and falsehood that our early Christian forefathers had, if they are to be tapped for our benefit and that of others.. We must draw it from the well of Jacob, the infallibly inspired Holy Scriptures; the unfathomable riches of the Word of God, our only interpreter, guide and rule of life, our pure water of life that quenches the thirsty soul and satisfies every yearning, our sure foundation and inerrant and infallible and safe blueprint for life, thought, and all existence…
The claims herein are certainly not new, though long forgotten and, in the main, contemptuously cast aside. For none of us are the source of truth, nor infallibly inspired by any means, but merely pruners of the overgrowth, and tillers of the weeds, thorns, briars and thistles, that surround and choke the goodly tree of verity… Nor should we claim to bring anything novel to the reader.. “ What has been, shall be, and there is nothing new under the sun…” said rightly King Solomon.. Our only claim can be to revive in truth the vital, life-giving relevance of the words and warnings of Christ and the Apostles, and their early disciples, along with the exposes and experiences of others who have lived to tell the tale, concerning our days and days gone by, and our experience of history as it really was, and is, and our experience of the future as the very early Church taught it would be..
A picture only tells a thousand words from the angle of a prejudice.. Our attempt must be to point to and portray in our meagre and small way, the multi-angled vista and panorama, of a limitless angle; that of the eternal, the everlastingly abiding and neverchanging, which can never be encompassed by mere man or woman, not even by the limits of this cosmic realm, nor by demi-gods, nor by Faithless Reason alone .. Perception and discernment must be parts of this tree of verity and Understanding; of the authentic perception of reality. They need not remain forever in the realm of a perpetual agnostic question. Conclusion and conjecture are also parts of the tree.. There is no sin in conjecture, for it is often an ally of the mustard-tree of Faith, being pollinated and stimulated by insight in its deliberations and conclusions…” Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things NOT SEEN”, as Holy Scripture tells us, without which it is “impossible to please” Almighty God. It must be Blind to be true Faith, for it sees beyond itself, beyond the horizon.. Faith is not a disease or mental disorder, as psychiatry claims.. It is the substance of hope itself, and it must be blind in order for us to truly see.. But it is not mere believing that is enough, for the “devils believe and tremble” yet can never amend or be saved.. It is not a mere “assent to facts”, even Biblical facts and historical truths, for parrots, apes, asses and robots may be trained and programmed to imitate and mimick God’s Word and even some works, as the magicians Jannes and Jambres did during the time of Moses… So are well-grounded conjecture and conclusion closely allied to insight and true, God-directed and God-derived Faith, if they be tempered by the Word of God’s own tenets and firm intimations..
To those that seek truth and pure Wisdom, let it be known that what they seek give themselves not to the seeker without the humble and sincere fear of Almighty God, our Father in Heaven.. To attain them requires no password, handshake or quest.. When the true fear of God comes to a man, and the awareness of his feeble constitution and hopeless natural state, that he then, pleading for mercy and forgiveness from his great and eternal, loving Almighty Father in Heaven; God, the framer of his body, soul and spirit, the giver of his every breath, turns from sin and rebellion and willingly and without coercion or compulsion seeks to serve and fulfil the weighty commandments of Christ, having once served in slavery the commands of this wicked world, the flesh, and the deceitful devil, being sincerely willing to “ die within and die without”, then Wisdom is dispensed from the embodiment of all Wisdom, namely Christ Jesus, who was both God AND man, as the Gospels and the Apostles and all their true disciples have always affirmed… This vital and utterly necessary confession of Faith, that Jesus is both God the Son AND man, ( the eternal ‘ Son of God”) is the cardinal “ foundation stone” of the Christian Faith, without which none may enter its hallowed precincts of eternal Wisdom and Understanding… But such a simple , though deep, concept remains beyond the domain and operation of the “ wisdom of this world”, the “ science falsely so called” and the foolishness of all our vain Philosophy that, in its unyielding conceit, thinks itself wise and the only dispensary of Gnosis… Foolish they may be, carnal Gnosis they may possess and dispense, but God mocks them in their foolishness, and decrees an end to their vain conceits and deceptions…
Authentic reality; truth as it really is, has been and remains the domain of only those who love it enough to bow and bend to it. This absolute truth has an author and upholder; the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Holiness. When our mind and heart is imbued with this Spirit, then does absolute truth illumine our minds and hearts, and makes its abode within us. Then the “ kingdom of God” may be said to be “ within us”, and not before..Then, and only then, does pure understanding come.. Though fallible we may all be, and one as weak as any other born of a woman, we have been delivered from the world of slavery to sin, but not above the capacity to sin.. Though we be truly redeemed and bought by the blood of Christ Jesus, who has delivered us by His good gift of Grace, through Faith, from the burden of sin and the penalty of eternal death by His vicarious sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary outside the walls of Jerusalem, some 1980 years ago, sin and temptation are still working in our members, until our last passing breath finally releases us from the fetters of flesh and blood, and the seed of eternity now sown in us, blossoms into a new and eternal resurrected body, which can never die. Yet Christ’s Spirit also works to still their urges within us, and quickens in us holy desires to resist temptation and sin, and to keep every wayward, vain, lustful and erring thought in captivity, as He does with all who truly believe in Him and follow, and like lambs heed his voice in the wilderness of this world’s barren and unfulfilling vain falsehoods, distractions and temptations, even though in us, the natural man born of a woman, and of ourselves, there be no natural goodness or inherent virtue, nor any “spark of life”.. Since the fall of our forebears, Adam and Eve, all is extinguished and smoking flax; all is mere groping after darkness and vanity…

But it is through such shortcomings, and through the natural handicap of a vision somewhat darkened by a smoke-stained looking glass, and not of our own bigoted construction or prejudice.. At times this smoke may stem from Gehenna itself, the lake of fire in the bowels of this earth, yet at other times it may issue forth from its opposite, the Shekinah Glory of Almighty God, that fills the True Temple of God; the presence of God’s Wisdom, which can never come where HE is not feared and respected , and in humility, meekness and lowliness acknowledged and worshipped.. We are, as Christians, nothing without Christ. None of us who truly believe, and who have been redeemed and bought with a great price are any longer our own…
Though persecuted and in constant sufferings,” fears within and fears without”, many over the millennia have found the pearl of great price, for it is not secret nor the prerogative of the few, though very few have lived to tell the tale… It knocks on every door but only some invite it in..Many have sought it but missed it… For Godly truth/verity is a fair and pure grace indeed… Yet we must treat not only of mere “truths” or “facts”, though relevant and vital they indeed may be.. We must speak not of mere “ information juggling” or “ the strength of memory” or the “ genius of fact recall”.. No.. These faculties are common to both robots, monkeys, parrots, asses and men, though robots, parrots, asses and monkeys are incapable of understanding and never can bend and bow to God’s truth by free volition, unless theatrically possessed by a foreign animating spirit..
Pure verity costs. It does not come cheap, yet it brings with it a great, glorious and gorgeous everlasting dowry; that of freedom and eternal bounty.. Yet the cost is not what one may expect; it is that of our pride, idolatry, ignorance, vanity, indoctrination into and love of falsehoods, lies, complacency, compromise and bigotry. By nature the possession of verity entails great suffering and persecution, where even, and especially, our dearest loved ones become our own worst enemies, and the ties of the flesh; of family, race and nation, turn out to be our persecuting bonds, stripe-wielders , slaying cords and blood-stained daggers…Resistance to verity is due to the bewitchment of a cosmic-consciousness; the “oversoul” and the “spirit of this world” which the Holy Scriptures call the devil/Lucifer, and Satan, with its sleep-inducing forgetfulness, hypnotic trance-induction, and lethe.. “ Hush little baby don’t say a word.?….” hush and perish… God would rather that we heed and live…
For we have three great enemies that rule the roost of this world, and all three present themselves as angels of light: The World, the Flesh, and the Devil.. Such as the gods are, such are their followers and devotees.. We become like the company we keep. With the righteous we become righteous, and with the unrighteous we become unrighteous.. What we sow we reap, and what we allow sown in our minds and souls is what our minds and souls grow up to be and become… A rebellious daemon will breed in its devotees unholy daemonic rebellion.. A Holy God will breed in His devotees purity and Holiness, without which no man, woman or child, can see God beyond the grave and live… The idolatry of ideas stains the soul with its archetypes.. The fortresses of the carnal mind let down their drawbridges only to those who tickle and flatter their ears, or tittilate their senses, or satiate their eyes… The “ way of this world” is a giant horse of Troy, and the end of all who follow the ties and allurements of the flesh is eternal death; the perennial cut in the path of life, and eternal separation from its Almighty, yet loving, concerned and caring, Maker and Creator; Almighty God, our Eternal Father who resides in the Highest Heaven beyond our Cosmic realm…..
The chess-game played out on and in the arena and theatrical stage of this carnal time-bound world, is not of original intent and design.. The game is serious, and the waged outcome will determine who gets the boons of carnality, power, unlimited support, control, and final empire… God our Creator never invented chess, nor the worship of fate which the “boardroom”; the “secret chamber” of the chequered-floor “theatre” ( of war, of drama, of surgery)connotes and embodies.. God plays no games, for the issues and final outcomes of existence are deadly serious matters, and the time allowed and allotted to this finite world limited.. God may mock His enemies, laugh at their futility, but He is no joker, humorist or gamester, for He takes no pleasure in the death of the sinner and the wicked, and desires all to come to repentance, knowing full well, however, that only a few will do so, and only some will benefit from the outstretched hand and offer… Yet the “game of kings”, that is called chess, is claimed as the very fount of historical understanding, and a complete and true representation of the perennial battle waged between the forces of light and darkness, of good and evil.. Though there indeed IS a great battle being waged between light and darkness, between good and evil, it is not concerned with reality-games, nor, and especially, the “ game of kings”… The reality cannot be further from the truth..
No bones about it, the powers of darkness are indeed dark, gruesome, contorted, and filthy.. Nonetheless, they also present themselves as their own antagonists in order to “corner the field”; as “messengers of light”, as loving, virtuous, beautiful, righteous, kind, meek, longsuffering, peaceful etc.etc., as will be shown by Scripture and by the material provided in these pages… One side is the yin, the other, and equally devious and untrue to original nature, is the yang.. One is the white, the other is the black.. One is the fore, the other the aft. One is the “right”, the other is the “left”.. One is “ above”, the other is “below”…. One is the clockwise swastika, the other the anti-clockwise.. One is Shambhalla ( the ancient Zoroastrian kingdom of BALKH/Bactria), the other Agharti ( the original name of the Norse ASGARD)… One is the OB, the other the OD of Mercury’s Cadeuceus… Such is the dualism of the “mystery of iniquity” that has played out through history, the great Hermetic drama of devilish deception and delusion and confusion.. Such is the realm of rebellion, and of the doomed and the damned…. Such is “progressive death” and moral entropy, which the world theatrically follows as the “ seasons of life” and as the “ passage rites/initiations of society”… It will be noted that chess is a game of LAW WITHOUT MERCY… It includes sacrifice, intuition, art and craft, guile and deception, mathematics and science, cunning, greed, but in its code of ethics and rules, mercy is not permitted unless it be a screen for sacrifice and loveless guile.. It is a game of “kill or be killed”.. The place of “love and mercy”, once again, is taken by the “lust for conquest” and human sacrifice.. None but the willing take part in it, even the pawns.. It is the game that is played for the prize of the capstone of the pyramid of this world; the “pinnacle of power” which is fuelled by the pyre of hell, the flames of Gehenna… Even its pawns offer themselves willingly. It perennially screams out “ The King is Dead… Long Live the King..!!”, in honour of the perennial death and rebirth of Osiris/ Nimrod, the first monarch on earth… In it there is no innocence….. The enemy works to an ages-old PLAN, and the methodology of attaining his goal is embedded in the “game of kings”…
Though all may seem bleek and hopeless, there is still hope in the providence of Almighty God, and in His intervention in the affairs of men.. It is He who can scatter the field of play and frustrate the designs of wicked men and women.. It is He who can foil the “plan of ages” which the enemy of man, the devil/Lucifer, who is currently still the “ god of this world”, has furthered through his willing henchmen and henchwomen. It is HE who can soften the hearts of the wicked and the sinner and bring them to repentance and a new life through the Cross of Jesus Christ upon which death was defeated for our sakes, delivering them from the great slave-trader; the hermaphrodite Lucifer… This must never be lost sight of…
One ploy of the enemy is to destroy all Hope in order to destroy all Faith and, consequently, all true Charity… We perish if we know too little, for it is written that “ my people ( believers) perish for a lack of knowledge”, but the powers and principalities that be will also leak out great quantities of facts, revelations, even boasts and information about themselves and their actual agendas, in order to dissolve and destroy all Hope, and to make the enemy appear invincible…. It is by this latter means that many also perish, for the appearance of invincibility in the enemy camp destroys courage and Hope, and more than often causes the good to turn bad, or to turncoat, or desert and go awol, and “ tread under foot the blood of Christ” or to “ crucify Christ anew”…
More than often the issue of too much knowledge about the workings of the enemy and their apparent “invincibility” will lead one fearfully or resignedly to thoughts of a distant God who may have created all things, but no longer concerns Himself in the affairs of men.. This state of hopelessness and unbelief is called DEISM, and is a blasphemy of the worst sort, since it is the first step to denial and final rebellion against God….. In these cases, Scripture clearly warns that if one turn back, having once “tasted of Heavenly things”, “ their end shall be worse than their beginning”, and that they would have been better off had they “never known Christ” or ever been born… The words are specifically directed to born-again believers who turn Heretic and/or apostasize… “ For many shall say Lord, Lord, have we not……… in your name”, but Jesus exclaims “ be gone from me ye who work iniquity, for I never knew you”!
Such is the price of turncoating in spiritual matters. Such is the awful fate of desertion and rebellion against one’s Maker and the Cross of Christ; the ONLY means of salvation and redemption for, not just a few predestined elect, but intrinsically and potentially for all humanity… Verity is a two-edged sword.. It must be dispensed with complete perspective, for an incomplete picture, or a partial or uncertain thrust, will convey an incomplete message and leave the enemy unscathed, and an incomplete message will simply cause confusion… God is NOT the author of confusion, and His message must be thoroughly complete, the thrust sure and certain, if it be His indeed…God CAN be swayed by fervent prayer which accords with His will, but hopelessness destroys prayer and personal communication between man and his Creator..This is precisely the state of vulnerability that the enemy seeks to engender and exploit.. This is precisely the chess-move that leads to the loss of a living and abiding Faith.. This, is the tool-of-trade of the “accuser of the brethren”, and the very portal of nothingness on the horizon, with no light at the end of the tunnel… Perspective must remain clear and sure, our sight keen, if we are to keep the goal and end of the Faithful race in our vision, for “ whosoever shall last until the end, shall be saved”, and not those who once having put their hand to the plough, but look back… ‘Tis a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God… Vigilance, perseverance and fortitude, are not to be regarded as options…
Though we desire no distractions, we likewise need no blinkers of bigotry, prejudice or ignorance, to “keep our sights in line”.. The Pharisees of old, like the Ebionite and Nicolaitan heretics after them, sought to control the populace with such “blinkered vision”, having indeed the true goal in their sights, but allowing no means for peripheral awareness, due to their lust for control and gain, and their zeal for fleshly symbolism, and the respect and praise of other men ( not to mention the desire and draw of the opposite sex)… Priests and priesthoods throughout the millennia have used the end-goals of lies, seating themselves in the chairs of Zoroaster, or Guatama, or Mahomet, or Joseph Smith, and even end-goals of truth as in Moses and Christ/God Himself, or any other notable religious “lawgiver”, but have controlled peripheral awareness of the faithful with horse-blinkers of petty offerings of herbs and spices, idols of gold and silver, of wood and stone; commandments and ordinances of men, empty regulated prayers and heartless lip-service offerings, and mind games and thought control that promoted lies and persecuted truth; neglecting the “weighty things of the law”, the goodly things of the Spirit of Truth/ the Spirit of Christ Jesus; the circumspection and conscience-stimulating Commandments and sacramental ordinances of Almighty God; to “ love God first and then our neighbour as ourselves” and to do as He commanded; the “pure offerings of a contrite heart and spirit”, and the “golden rule” which is ingrained, but is in the main hardened and neglected, in every believing heart, where we are called upon to “ do unto others as we would have others do unto us”.. Such is the “way of this world” where the leaders in philosophy and religion have become “ blind leading the blind” into the pit of despair and destruction… Such is “progressive death and moral entropy”, which this topsy-turvy world considers and follows as the “ seasons of life”… So great is their moral indifference and worship of the “unknowable”, which they deem “ wisdom”, that they bow down to ignorance as bliss, knowledge as power, carnal immorality as freedom, obstinacy and rebellion as fortitude and resolve, and fate as providence…. Fools… Blind leading the blind into the pit of destruction… Such are the “ wise of this world”… Fools…
By “ aged and wise” they mean “blind to discernment”; by “seeing and illuminated” they actually mean “ false-knowledge and rebellion”; by “ loving and faithful” they perversely mean “ psychological lust and positive, will-generated thought”; by “ progressive, ideas and insight” they abominably mean “ vain imagination, invention and idolatry”; by “ eternal life” they blasphemously mean the “ everpresent, time-bound now”… As for “hope”, they consider it frivolous, and the mere post-mortem remains of Pandora’s Box….. Their greatest expression of love and service is to kiss each other’s behinds in their initiation rites, like the Templar Knights of old, and scratch each other’s backs… Like the followers of Cain of old they slay the innocent out of envy, they view the world, reality and all verity upside-down, and live in a phantasmagoric dream-world of Nod; cast out forever from the presence of God and His blessings, with no hope of reprieve, nor any security in this life or the life to come… The Scripture calls them aptly “wandering stars ( planets)” and “ filthy dreamers”, “ deceived and deceivers” ever lurking to snare the righteous in their deathly net of lies, or a snare for their words or to sin, or a pit of denial and destruction… Such are wolves in sheeps’ clothing… Such are the lost….. May our loving Almighty God the Father, preserve us from the fate of all such. May he keep us from temptation, deliver us from evil, and preserve us blameless on the day of reckoning, from the defilements of the World, from the Flesh, and from the Devil..

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